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Friday, January 15, 2016

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Meet Dorrit, the Lamb Who's Committed to Being a Dog and more...

Meet Dorrit, the Lamb Who's Committed to Being a Dog


In this world right now there exists a lamb that desperately, fiercely, wants, needs to be a dog. Meet Little Dorrit.

Despite all manners of determined attempts Little Dorrit has failed to surmount the most crucial hurdle— convincing the farmyard cat on the whole matter.

Here she is responding to her owner's call like a loyal dog:

Sometimes she'll hit up her fellow canine homies to play around for a bit:

When duty comes calling and her dogs need backup, she's there in a jiffy.

And she never passes on the opportunity for after hours drinks with her comrades:

Sadly though, Simon the cat sees this all as mere silly business.

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Caturdays Were Made For Mozart & Chill

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Tagged: Music , chill , Cats , Video

Cat Logic

funny animal gif of cat picking box over scratching post

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Tagged: gifs , box , scratching post , Cats

Someone Wants Some Cookies


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Tagged: dogs , jump , Video , cookies

Puppy Failed Flight School With This Mid Air Collision


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Tagged: dogs , collision , Video

Barkour Tricks!


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Tagged: parkour , dogs , pitbull

I Thought I Ordered Grey Goose

LoL by: BOZMAN54


Who Wore It Better?

funny animal image of who wore it better justin timberlake

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Get Off My Dock You Freeloaders!


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Tagged: dogs , dock , chase , seals

Love Of Soccer Spans Species


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Tagged: elephant , soccer , Video , playing

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