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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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Imam Mustafa Efe Opens Up Mosque to Homeless Cats In Need Of Shelter From The Cold and more...

Imam Mustafa Efe Opens Up Mosque to Homeless Cats In Need Of Shelter From The Cold


Submitted by: (via DAILY SABAH)

Tagged: mosque , shelter , Cats , Video

Do Not Pass Go...

funny animal image of dog playing monopoly

Submitted by: (via theblessedone)


Cute Polar Bear Cub Wobbles Around Play Pen


Submitted by: (via Toronto Zoo)

Tagged: polar bear , cub , squee , Video

Do You Feline A Puzzle?

funny animal image of cat in puzzle box

Submitted by: (via johnnymoto)

Tagged: puzzle , Cats , animals

Lay Down A Sick Beat Boy!


Submitted by: (via Pauline Brown)

Tagged: dogs , beat , rap , Video

Bad Case Of Hat Hair

funny animal image of guinea pig in a hat

Submitted by: (via Cute Overload )

Tagged: hat hair , cute , guinea pig , hat

Why Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs?


Submitted by: (via Reactions)

Tagged: dogs , chocolate , Video

The Queen of the Cat Ladies Lives With 1,100 Cats and Runs a $1.6 Million Dollar Operation to Rescue and Care for Them


Lynea Lattanzio is by far the cat ladiest of cat ladies. She started rescuing and rehoming cats and just couldn't stop. Now she shares her home with around 800 adult cats and 300 kittens according to the video description. This number is ever changing of course, because in addition to caring for so, so many cats who roam free on her six-acre property, she rescues cats and rehomes the ones who are fit for adoption.

 What started out as a hobby she paid for out of pocket has become a non-profit, no-kill sanctuary called Cat House on the Kings which is run on donations and adoption fees. 


Submitted by: (via Barcroft TV)


If You're Neighbors with a 27-Pound 4-Foot-Long House Cat, You Probably Know It

cat news big cat gets mistaken for bobcat by neighbors

Spock (the terror) is a big cat. Big enough that his neighbors mistake him for a bobcat walking past their windows.

ABC Breaking News

You'd think after one scare by this giant adorable fluffball, they'd remember that they have a feline friend for a neighbor.

Submitted by: (via Spock the Terror)

Tagged: neighbors , news , facebook , bobcat , Cats , Video

This Cat Looks a Lot Like Adam Driver

funny cats star wars This Cat Looks a Lot Like Adam Driver

Or should we say... Catam Driver?

via smokin_broccoli

No? What about Cat-lo Ren?

via budgie0507

Seriously, Kylo Ren might need to be recast, look how good this cat looks as a sith lord. 

Submitted by: (via KalKyl)

Tagged: star wars , kylo ren , Cats , funny

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