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Friday, January 8, 2016

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Cute Chipmunks Gather Food For Winter and more...

Cute Chipmunks Gather Food For Winter


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Tagged: chipmunk , gathering , winter , food

One-Eyed Surfer Cat Kuli Is Living the Dream Out in Hawaii


Plain and simple, Kuli the one-eyed rescue cat is living the life out in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Kuli out for a nice paddle:


Kuli bides his time swimming across Hawaii's warm bright blue waters with his human surfer friends.

Kuli just trying to kick it for a cool minute:

A photo posted by @kulithesurfingcat on

Kuli's owners, Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton, tell the Daily Mail that Kuli's been a surfing beach bum for almost a year now. Gomez and Littleton adopted Kuli when he was just 3-months-old and weighed a pretty pound.

Shortly after Kuli's adoption, he had to undergo surgery to remove an infected eye. Gomez and Littleton credit Kuli's clear comfortability with the water as result of his recovery process, which involved frequent bathing.

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Tagged: Cats , Hawaii , win , ocean , surfing

I found the answer to how dogs wear pants.


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Tagged: dogs , pants

This Pack Of Puppies Proves That Peeing Together Is More Than Just A Girls Thing


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Playtime Got Shut Down


Submitted by: (via danielleshepardson )

Tagged: Cats , pig , mini pig

Artist Gets Creative With Movie Posters Held Over Real Dogs

funny animal images of dogs with movie posters held over them

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I Suppose There Are Worse Things To Be Obsessed With


Submitted by: (via Cole and Marmalade)

Tagged: Cats , playing , q-tips

Budget Cuts

funny animal image of otter with water gun

Submitted by: (via shadowfogkiller)


And On The 6th Day

funny animal tweet about jellyfish being evil

Submitted by: (via Miltron)

Tagged: creation , jellyfish , evil , tweet , twitter

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