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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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Bowie The Penguin Chick Gets A Checkup and more...

Bowie The Penguin Chick Gets A Checkup

Tagged: baby , cute , penguin , Video

Spirit Animals Come In Many Different Forms

funny animal image of squirrel eating pizza as spirit animal

Submitted by: (via dsvenjolly)


Slow Mo Squirrel Cam


Submitted by: (via Shannon Apple)


This Amazing One Eyed Cat Loves To Surf


Submitted by: (via Caters TV )

Tagged: injury , surfing , Cats , Video

Storks Never Were That Good At Delivering Babies


Submitted by: (via uzoo)

Tagged: baby , stork , hatching , Video

Elephant Heard Greeting Tractor Driver


Submitted by: (via elephantnews)

Tagged: hello , greetings , elephant , Video

Two Rescued Baby Orangutans Meet For First Time


Submitted by: (via International Animal Rescue IAR)

Tagged: baby , cute , orangutan , Video

Just A Couple Of Tots


Submitted by: (via kyoot animals)

Tagged: dogs , tater tots , mouth , hide , food , eating , Video

What Is This Noise Maker?


Submitted by: (via Alex Gordon)

Tagged: dogs , head tilt , phone , cute , Video

Sneaky Little Monkey


Submitted by: (via BBC)

Tagged: monkey , Video , thief

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