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Sunday, December 20, 2015

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What A Helpful Little Pup! and more...

What A Helpful Little Pup!

photo of cute daschund dog helping owner with car work

Submitted by: (via bored panda)


If You Need Your Yule Log Video to Be More Adorable Than Festive, Try This One Featuring a Miniature Hamster


It's even available in 4K! 

Submitted by: (via Mashable)


Finally This Dwarf Hamster Gets to Watch the Star Wars: the Force Awakens Trailer


Submitted by: (via Mashable Watercooler)


Bei Bei, the Adorable Giant Panda Cub Just Made His Media Debut

panda cute video Bei Bei, the Adorable Giant Panda Cub Just Made His Media Debut

This fluffy guy is finally old enough to deal with the press. As recently as last month he was taking his first steps. He was only able to be seen on the Panda Cam, where you can still catch him napping or hanging out with his mom. 


Now the national zoo has released footage of Bei Bei being an adorable, confused baby panda with an interview with a panda biologist so the world can know more about this cute, endangered species. 


Submitted by: (via @washingtonian)

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It's mutual.


Submitted by: Philippa2

Tagged: cat , cuddles , gif , love

They Can Box, But Can Kangaroos Bounce on a Trampoline?



Submitted by: (via Emma Heffernan)


When You're Training Cats to Be Jedi, May the Catnip Be With You


Submitted by: (via Dmitry Polonsky)

Tagged: star wars , toys , yoda , Cats , Video

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