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Thursday, December 10, 2015

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Well You'll Never Get A Job As A Pole Dancer and more...

Well You'll Never Get A Job As A Pole Dancer


Submitted by: (via Seblan)

Tagged: bats , cute , Video

Someone Is SOOOOOO Excited

gif of boxer puppy who is so excited it's wagging its body

Submitted by: (via tumblr )

Tagged: dogs , tail wag , boxer

Santa Claws Toy Shop


Submitted by: (via Fresh Pet)

Tagged: dogs , Cats , Video

Cute Giraffe Born at Brevard Zoo


Submitted by: (via ZooBorns )

Tagged: baby , zoo , giraffes

Opposites Attract With This Clever Scratching Post


Submitted by: (via Kanaal van StudioErikStehmann)

Tagged: scratching post , Cats , Video

Move Over Pirate Cat- It's Santa Claws Turn


Submitted by: (via Daily Picks and Flicks )

Tagged: christmas , santa , Cats , Video

Poor Little Guy Is Tired


Submitted by: (via life with a mini pig)

Tagged: pig , piglet , sleeping , Video

Is It Christmas So I Can Take This Hat Off Yet

photo of dog wearing antlers at christmas

Submitted by: (via Billy Baroo)

Tagged: christmas , bulldog , antlers

What Did That Can Ever Do To You?


Submitted by: (via Daily Picks and Flicks )

Tagged: bear cub

Sweet Dreams...

gif of panda moving tongue in sleep

Submitted by: (via tumblr )

Tagged: gif , panda , dreaming

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