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Friday, December 11, 2015

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There's A Monster Under There! and more...

There's A Monster Under There!


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Cute Rescue Pup Who Had Vocal Cords Removed Still Loves to Chat It Up


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Wait, Did I Close The Garage?

gif of cute red panda cub

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This Cat Needed an I.D. to Retrieve His Mail

funny cats mail This Cat Needed an I.D. to Retrieve His Mail

Ted got a lovely advent calender from his grandma for Christmas but no one was home to pick it up. Unfortunately, when your Christmas cheer is held at the post office you need to bring some identification with you to retrieve it. This is a problem because Ted is a cat so, because the mail was addressed to Ted, his owner couldn't pick it up. 

Although the post office was standoffish over the phone, the workers in person listened to reason. 

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Ted got his calendar filled with treats and the whole post office got something to laugh about. 

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I Wuz Gonna Eat The Star On Top

photo of cat climbing on christmas tree

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Do You Know Where The Food Coloring Went?


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Behind The Scenes Of Santa Claws Workshop


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Tagged: christmas , commerical , dogs , Cats , Video

The Magic Touch

gif of man touching a kitten and startling it

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