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Thursday, December 24, 2015

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That Is The Biggest Cat Toy I've Ever Seen and more...

That Is The Biggest Cat Toy I've Ever Seen

christmas,Cats,web comics

Submitted by: (via Drunken Cat Comics)

Tagged: christmas , Cats , web comics

I Saw You From Across The Park

gif of two dogs in christmas outfits

Submitted by: (via asada becauseitschristmas)

Tagged: christmas , gif , dogs , pugs

Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain


Submitted by: (via Cole and Marmalade)

Tagged: kitten , Video , rescue

Chihuahua Christmas Party!


Submitted by: (via Chihuahua SL)

Tagged: christmas , chihuahua , Video

River Otters Enjoy Some Snow


Submitted by: (via Aquarium Of The Bay )

Tagged: zoo , otters , Video

Santas in a Row

gif,Cats,santa hat

Lol by:

Tagged: gif , Cats , santa hat

Pug Christmas Party!


Submitted by: (via Mashable Watercooler)

Tagged: christmas , pug , Party , Video

The Correct Response To Holiday Attire


Submitted by: (via nessy1)

Tagged: christmas , tie , no , Cats

Whipsnade Zoo's Top 5 Zoo Babies of 2015!


Submitted by: (via Zoological Society of London)

Tagged: Babies , zoo , Video , animals

Holiday Fashion Show For Shelter Cats And Dogs


Submitted by: (via Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA)

Tagged: shelter , dogs , fashion , Cats , Video , rescue

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