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Sunday, December 13, 2015

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Santa's Little Helpers and more...

Santa's Little Helpers

photo of cute puppies asleep in christmas wreath

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Tagged: christmas , puppies , wreath

Someone Has To Lay Off the Cookies


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Tagged: corgi , Video , jumping

Not Exactly A Copy Cat But...


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Tagged: dogs , howling , Video

Happy Howlidays

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Tagged: christmas , gif , puppies

Cats and Dogs Prepare for Christmas by Making Toys as Santa's Little Helpers


There's also an adorable behind the scenes video of that shows the dog and cat actors getting ready for the commercial. 

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Tagged: christmas , dogs , Cats , Video

These Animal Themed Movie Posters Parody the Top Movies of 2015


Disney created these posters to promote their new animated movie 'Zootopia'. The movie is set in a world where animals think they're people, people don't exist and apparently animal based puns are just a part of the language. These delightfully punny movie posters will remind you of some of this year's most popular films.

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Tagged: poster , movies , animals

Kitty Tissues

gif of kitten in tissue box

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Tagged: gifs , kitten , kleenex

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