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Sunday, December 27, 2015

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Pets "Say" The Darndest Things and more...

Pets "Say" The Darndest Things


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Tagged: dogs , pets , barking , meow , Cats , Video , animals

Do Not Disturb The Cat Loaf

gif of cat in breadbox

Submitted by: (via gifak-net )

Tagged: gif , Cats

This Cat BB-H8s This New Christmas Toy

funny animal image cat in a star wars BB-8 ball

Submitted by: (via CANT_TRUST_HILLARY)

Tagged: star wars , bb-8 , Cats , animals

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others, But One Of These Things Is Too Squee Not To Belong


Submitted by: (via Brooke)

Tagged: dogs , snow , sheep , play , Video

BBC News Had a Guest Spaniel Named Daniel on and Now He's Bar-eaking the Internet

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It's The Little Things

tumblr post of prairie dog with carrot

Submitted by: (via Denise Minard)


Holiday Feasts For Beasts

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