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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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If You Hate Kittens or Channing Tatum, You Should Watch This Video and more...

If You Hate Kittens or Channing Tatum, You Should Watch This Video


Channing Tatum being an asshole to kittens will either fuel your distaste for Channing Tatum and/or kittens, or for movie marketing promotions.

Submitted by: (via Jimmy Kimmel Live)


Who Were the Best Animals of 2015?

list,vote,2015,best of 2015,animals

It's time to look back and judge all the things that happened over the last year. These are the cutest, funniest and most stand out animals of 2015. Who will be named #1 out of all these spectacular species? That's for you to decide! Vote for your favorite three, daily through Friday 12/10/15.

Submitted by:

Tagged: list , vote , 2015 , best of 2015 , animals

I Demand More Belly Rubs!


Submitted by: (via John M)


Lil' Elephant Is Too Small to Climb Out of the Mud Tub


Submitted by: (via Wild Wings Safaris )

Tagged: baby , elephant , Video

Bath TIme!


Submitted by: (via Lanai'i Cat Sanctuary)

Tagged: bath time , kitten , Video

Just Some Christmas Kitty Magic


Submitted by: (via Xiedubbel & Timo The Ragdoll )

Tagged: christmas , Cats , Video

Two Little Christmas Treats

Rat wearing santa hat

Submitted by: (via Cutest Paw)

Tagged: orange , christmas , rat , santa hat

Simba? You Look Different Than In The Movies

Gif of dog dressed as lion

Submitted by: (via tumblr )

Tagged: gif , dogs , lion , golden retriever

Dog Rescued From Flood Waters


Submitted by: (via Sky News)

Tagged: dogs , Video , flood , rescue

Keep Tryin' Little Buddy

gif of daschund puppy trying to get a balloon

Submitted by: (via tumblr )

Tagged: gif , puppy , daschund , balloon

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