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Friday, December 18, 2015

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I Want A Heat Lamp Of My Own and more...

I Want A Heat Lamp Of My Own


Submitted by: (via kyoot animals)

Tagged: pig , piglet , Video , squee

Teacher's Pet?


Submitted by: (via ruppie213)

Tagged: kitten , playing , old school , Video

Human, I Must Protect You From This Finned Menace!


Submitted by: (via Tina Calderin)

Tagged: dolphin , daschund , Video , swimming

Hey, Where'd My Friend Go?


Submitted by: (via P Ces )

Tagged: Cats , friends , kangaroo , Video , unlikely

Don't You Ride In A Vessel That Looks Exactly Like You Too?

cute photo of hedgehog in hedgehog mug

Submitted by: (via Arbroath)

Tagged: coffee cup , hedgehog , Photo

Just Shaking It Out Before Pulling This Sleigh

gif of pug shaking with christmas sweater on

Submitted by: (via dogsbecausedogs)

Tagged: christmas , gifs , pug

Snack Time!


Submitted by: (via akishina )

Tagged: banana , opossum , Video , possum

The Great Escape Artist


Submitted by:

Tagged: cat , gif

Everyone Loves A Nice Neck Rub


Submitted by: (via Meg Frost)

Tagged: cow , pets , Video

Oh, Did You Call?


Submitted by: (via Hossein Amiri)

Tagged: couch , kitten , Video

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