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Monday, December 7, 2015

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Hey Get Away From-HEY! and more...

Hey Get Away From-HEY!

Gif of cat stuck in cat toy with other cat playing with tail

Submitted by: (via tumblr )

Tagged: gif , Cats , playing

Kitty It's Cold Outside

photo of cat in snow with coat on

Submitted by: (via corporate cats)

Tagged: photobomb , snow , winter , Cats

Frog Pees On Woman In Escape Attempt


Submitted by: (via kyoot animals)

Tagged: pee , Video , frog

The Puppies Just Keep Coming


Submitted by: (via Enchanted Retrievers)


Christmas Ham

photo of pig with santa hats

Submitted by: (via Esther The Wonder Pig)

Tagged: christmas , pig , santa hat

Baby Elephant Doesn't Want Bath Time To End


Submitted by: (via The Hide Safari Camp)

Tagged: elephant , bathtime , Video

Carrie Fisher Brings Dog, Gary, to Interview About New Star Wars Film


Submitted by: (via Good Morning America)


Learning To Share Can Be Tough


Submitted by: (via kyoot animals)

Tagged: dogs , baby , ice cream , Video

Flamingo Chicks Go For First Walk


Submitted by: (via CotswoldWildlifePark)

Tagged: chicks , flamingo , Video

This Awkward Giant Panda is All of Us Trying To Start the Week


Submitted by: (via N.Funny)

Tagged: panda , FAIL , zoo , cute , mondays , Video , animals

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