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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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BB-8 is the Cutest Visitor to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and more...

BB-8 is the Cutest Visitor to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago

If the The Video Title "Star Wars Wieners" Isn't Click-Bait, I Give Up


Submitted by: (via Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund)

Tagged: dogs , star wars , weiner , Video , animals

Just Adding A Little Mischief To Christmas


Submitted by: (via David Fuenz)


Wild Sea Otter Mom And Pup!


Submitted by: (via Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Tagged: baby , cute , otters , Video

What A Handsome Yule Log


Submitted by: (via Mashable Watercooler)

Tagged: christmas , pug , Video , yule

A Surprise Winter Wonderland!


Submitted by: (via San Diego Zoo)

Tagged: snow , polar bears , Video , zoo

Anyone Need Their Sidewalk Shoveled?


Submitted by: (via Todd P )

Tagged: dogs , snow , shoveling

This Poor Man Can't Poop in Peace


Apparently this happens every time he goes to the bathroom. It's not cute anymore, Mittens.

Submitted by: (via Chris Hansen)

Tagged: poop , Cats , Video

Ombre Puppies

tumblr post of puppies that says when your puppy printer runs out of ink

Submitted by: (via tastefully offensive )

Tagged: tumblr , puppies , cute

The Purrfect Scratch


Submitted by: (via juicemac)

Tagged: scratch , Cats , Video

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