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Thursday, December 17, 2015

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Attaining Meat Is Not For the Faint Of Heart and more...

Attaining Meat Is Not For the Faint Of Heart


Submitted by: (via Maymo)

Tagged: beagle , Video , maymo , trap

I Thought My Dog Just Waited By The Door While I Was Gone


Submitted by: (via Jeremy Carroll)


Here Comessss SSsssssssaaantaaa Clausssssss

photo of snake in santa sleigh

Submitted by: (via Penelope )

Tagged: snake , santa , sleigh

kitten saved from trash compactor


Submitted by: (via kcra news )

Tagged: kitten , Video , rescue

8 Week Old Cutie Cub!


Submitted by: (via Toronto Zoo)

Tagged: baby , panda , Video , squee , zoo

Sorry Not Sorry, Cats In Costumes Deserve A Treat


Submitted by: (via Temptations)

Tagged: Cats , costume , commerical , Video

Literally Heartwarming: Frozen Kitten Saved From Death


Submitted by: (via GoPro)


This 200-Year-Old Rare Giant Salamander Was Found in a Cave in China


The Chinese salamander is a very rare nocturnal salamander that lives in lakes and streams in the mountains of China. This one is believed to be at least 200-years-old. It measures 4 feet 7 inches long and weighs 104 pounds. These animals are becoming increasingly endangered due to habitat loss. 

Maybe that's why this giant was found in a cave in Chongqing Municipality in China. He's since been transferred to a research facility. You can really tell how big he is here with a scientist for scale: 

Submitted by: (via CCTV News)

Tagged: salamander , rare , giant , Video

High Five Little Buddy


Submitted by: (via Norbert )

Tagged: norbert , cute , high five , Video

Bunny Swarm!


Submitted by: (via mybbbunny)

Tagged: cute , bunny , squee , Video

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