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Monday, November 9, 2015

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What Do You Think, You Want Some Gum? A Snack? and more...

What Do You Think, You Want Some Gum? A Snack?

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Tagged: gifs , cute , Cats

Kangaroo Starts a Wild Chase When Golfers Try to Play in His Area



Tagged: golf , kangaroo , Video

This Polar Bear Broke in and Ate All the Steak These Researchers Brought With Them, Then Came Back for More


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Tagged: steak , bear , Video

Are Those Baby Werewolves or Kittens?


These creepy cuties look exactly like werewolves with their yellow eyes and sparse grey hairs. This is apparently a natural mutation that causes their fur to molt, meaning they can look a little bit fluffy or completely bald, like a sphinx cat.

Submitted by: (via Offical Lykoi Cat Channel!)

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Rescued Pelican Learns to Fish


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Tagged: cute , rescue , pelican , Video

You Can't Be Serious

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This Dog Decided to Swim With the Dolphins


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Tagged: cute , dogs , dolphin , Video

Watch the Fluffiest Cat Paws Attack From the Other Side of a Door


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Tagged: Cats , cute , Video

Science of The Day: Coyotes and Wolves Are Mating to Create The 'Coywolf'

Science of The Day: Coyotes and Wolves Are Mating to Create The 'Coywolf'

There a new species emerging right before scientist's eyes. And this doesn't happen very often.

Because of a lack of other wolves to mate with, scientists believe they are mating with coyotes and dogs to create an entirely new species: the coywolf.

The number of coywolf has grown into the millions in northeastern North America during the last century.

According to The Economist:

The mixing of genes that has created the coywolf has been more rapid, pervasive and transformational than many once thought. Javier Monzón, who worked until recently at Stony Brook University in New York state (he is now at Pepperdine University, in California) studied the genetic make-up of 437 of the animals, in ten north-eastern states plus Ontario. He worked out that, though coyote DNA dominates, a tenth of the average coywolf's genetic material is dog and a quarter is wolf.

The DNA from both wolves and dogs (the latter mostly large breeds, like Doberman Pinschers and German Shepherds), brings big advantages, says Dr Kays. At 25kg or more, many coywolves have twice the heft of purebred coyotes. With larger jaws, more muscle and faster legs, individual coywolves can take down small deer. A pack of them can even kill a moose.

Basically the combination of wolf, coyote and dog DNA has created super fast killing machines.

Hold your children close, America.

Submitted by: (via Economist )

Tagged: coyote , animals , wolf

This Adorable Thirsty Lizard Just Wants to Sit Around and Slurp Up Water

Submitted by: (via Hato)

Tagged: cute , lizard , vine , water

Beagle Has to Be Rescued After Getting His Head Stuck Trying to Eat Oatmeal


Submitted by: (via Kyoot Animals)

Tagged: cute , dogs , Video

Baby Fox Is Practicing His Skills With a Baseball

Submitted by: (via HurryOnUpMeow)

Tagged: cute , fox , gifs

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