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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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Watch Capybaras Celebrate the Coming of Winter by Luxuriating in a Hot Spring Bath and more...

Watch Capybaras Celebrate the Coming of Winter by Luxuriating in a Hot Spring Bath


It's a yearly tradition for the capybaras at Izu Shaboten Park to be treated to a daily hot bath during the cold winter months. These lucky, extra large rodents get to play in their own personal outdoor bath that mimics a hot spring spa. 

Submitted by: (via shabotengroup)

Tagged: capybara , cute , Video

An Owl Taking the Bus? Sure, at Least He Seems to Think It's Normal


Submitted by: (via ViralHog)

Tagged: cute , Owl , Video

This Parrot's Dog Barking Impersonation is Spot On


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: birds , funny , Video

This Dog Would Rather Surf His Way to Pick Up a Tennis Ball Than Dive Into the Pool


Submitted by: (via Nurseelizabeth1)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video

This Corgi Is the One Storm Trooper You Wouldn't Mind Running Into


Submitted by: (via Winston The White Corgi)

Tagged: dogs , star wars , cute , Video

This Homeless Man's Community Stepped Up to Foster His Dog So That They Could Both Stay Out of the Cold


Submitted by: (via WLFI - News 18)

Tagged: dogs , Video , rescue

Watch This Otter Juggle in Slow Motion to Get a Good Look at His Technique


Submitted by: (via mickeysutube)

Tagged: cute , otters , Video

This Video Compilation of People Getting Surprised With New Puppies Will Make You Wish Someone Would Tap You on the Shoulder and Hand You a Puppy Too


Submitted by: (via TwentyTwoWords)

Tagged: dogs , puppies , cute , surprise , Video

Melissa Benoist Answers Supergirl Trivia While Trying Not to Get Distracted by Superhero Puppies


Submitted by: (via MTV)


Put Your Cat to Work Installing Computer Cords

Submitted by: (via Brandon Kutzke)

Tagged: vine , cute , Cats

Let the Battle Begin

funny cats image Let the Battle Begin

Submitted by: (via mambloo)

Tagged: Cats , funny , image

Wow. So Halloween

shibe dogs costume Wow. So Halloween

Submitted by: (via joannecasey)

Tagged: costume , dogs , halloween , cute , shibe

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