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Thursday, November 26, 2015

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These Tiny Creatures Are Thankful For Their Caretakers and more...

These Tiny Creatures Are Thankful For Their Caretakers


Submitted by: (via ZooBorns )


Kitteh say the world should nebber noe!

dogs,kitten,tootsie pop,cute,caption,funny

LoL by: Chris10a

Tagged: dogs , kitten , tootsie pop , cute , caption , funny

To be blessed with a family means everything. Especially if the members of that family are furry.

LoL by: BestCaptionz


A Feast for the Whole Family


Submitted by: (via Daily Picks and Flicks )


Happy Thanksgiving Ya Filthy Animal


Submitted by: (via Rufus Ringtail )

Tagged: thanksgiving , racoon , feast , Video

Heartwarming- Giving Thanks for Recoveries


Submitted by: (via Sheena Main)


Evil Genius!


Submitted by: (via Leon Hudson )

Tagged: kitten , Cats , trick , Video

This Adorable Dachshund Takes Turkey Hunting Very Fashionably


Submitted by: (via Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund)

Tagged: dogs , cute , hunting , Video , animals

This Year Be Thankful For These Golden Dogs Being Your Friend

Submitted by: (via Mashable)


This One's Had A Little Too Much Egg Nog

Silly Bulldog Chewing on Toes

Submitted by: (via arbroath)

Tagged: bulldog , Photo , silly

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