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Monday, November 23, 2015

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I Think He's Happy You're Home and more...

I Think He's Happy You're Home


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Tagged: excited , puppy , Video

Hands off!

Gif of cat swatting to protect pile of money

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Tagged: gif , cat , money

Dreaming of Gnarles Bark-ley


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Sleepy Bunny is Very Sleepy

Sleepy Bunny is Floppy Gif

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Tagged: gif , bunny , sleepy

Well This Otter be Cute- Cuddle Hammock!


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Tagged: cute , otters , cuddling , Video

Only The Internet Has the Power to Turn the Lockdown in Belgium into a Time to Tweet Cat Pictures

On Sunday night, as a major anti-terror police operation was under way in Brussels, authorities asked the public to not report officers' movements online.

The Twitter hashtag #BrusselsLockdown had been the term of choice for people discussing the raids, without discussing the raids wink

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Macy's In San Francisco Featuring Adorable Adoptable Animals in Holiday Windows

dogs,adoption,live stream,Cats

Last year 267 animals were adopted from the same event. To check out adoptable animals or to see a LIVE STREAM check out the link: 


Submitted by: (via San Francisco SPCA)

Tagged: dogs , adoption , live stream , Cats

Moody Mondays

Grumpy Rabbit

Submitted by: (via Cute Overload )

Tagged: grumpy , Photo , rabbit

Awter Paw Pweese! Girl Teach Dog to Shake


Submitted by: (via Chris Deon and PawMyGosh)

Tagged: dogs , kid , Video

Hello Handsome!

Gif of dog looking at self in mirror

Submitted by: (via Tumblr)

Tagged: gif , dogs , german shepherd

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