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Thursday, October 8, 2015

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They Grow Up So Fast and more...

They Grow Up So Fast

cute dogs image they grow up so fast

This picture shows a growing puppy from eight weeks to eight months old. 

Submitted by: (via gsdwarmachine)

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Jill the Squirrel Escaped a Hurricane and Found a Happy Home

Jill the Squirrel makes a perfect pet after escaping a hurricane.

When Hurricane Isaac rammed into Louisiana in 2012, it displaced a lot of people, but it gave at least one animal a new, happy home.

A squirrel, now named Jill, has found an owner who's willing to give her all the love and social media attention she can handle.

The Instagram account thisgirlisasquirrel says it all:

2-year-old Hurricane Isaac rescue. Vegetarian, parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum. But, she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets.

And the pictures prove that all is well for Jill the squirrel.

She stays warm.

She has friends.

She works out.

She loves snap peas.

She loves America.

And Mexico

She loves fall.

You're killing it, girl. Keep living like you do.

Submitted by: (via this_girl_is_a_squirrel)


A Herd of Cattle Adopted a Lonely Wild Boar Piglet

cute cows boars A Herd of Cattle Adopted a Lonely Wild Boar Piglet

This adorable little guy wandered into the midst of a cow family who started to care for him as one of their own.  The farmers who owned the cows named him Johann.

via Bild

The cows lick him clean and let him snuggle with them just like they would a baby of their own species. 

via Bild

When media caught on to this wild pig's foster situation the attention got to be too much for him and he relocated with a new group of cows in a different meadow nearby. Amazingly, his new foster family accepted him as well and now he happily forages for bugs and acorns near his new grass-eating moms. 

Submitted by: (via Nothing to Do With Arbroath )

Tagged: cute , boars , cows , funny , news

That's a Pretty Confrontational Version of the Lady and the Tramp Scene

Submitted by: (via Calcd_Uncertainty)

Tagged: cute , gifs , guinea pig

Watch Lil Bub's Meticulous Process In the Studio as She Prepares to Release Her First Album


Finally, Lil Bub is close to dropping her debut album, Science & Magic. 25% of the net proceeds from the sales of this album will go to Lil Bub's Big Fund which helps the ASPCA grant funds to help special needs pets. 

Lil Bub's CD will feature the music used in Lil Bub videos. To use the words of Andrew W.K. to better explain the concept of the album, "This is music made by a magical space cat."

Submitted by: (via Lil BUB)

Tagged: lil bub , Music , news , cute , Video

Watch Dogs With Behavioral Problems Get Rehabilitated and Learn to Love Again


Many of these dogs come from abusive situations and are unadoptable due to their extreme fear of humans and resulting behavior problems. Through patience and lots of love, most of the dogs involved in this program improve significantly and can eventually be adopted to a caring home. 

Submitted by: (via National Geographic)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video , rescue

This Veteran's Service Dog Is His Best Friend and the Obvious Choice to Be Best Man at His Wedding

service dog best man cute This Veteran's Service Dog Is His Best Friend and the Obvious Choice to Be Best Man at His Wedding

Gabe the Golden Retriever was introduced to Justin Lansford by the Warrior Canine Connection after an injury that resulted in the loss of his leg while stationed in Afghanistan. 

Since then, the two have been inseparable. As Justin's new wife Carol told The Dodo, "They are pretty much joined at the hip."

When it was time to decide who would stand by Justin's side as Best Man in their wedding ceremony Gabe was the clear winner. 

Submitted by: (via Brad Hall Studios )

Tagged: dogs , news , cute , wedding , image

Fetch That Toy Car Before He Gets Away!


Submitted by: (via America's Funniest Home Videos)

Tagged: fetch , dogs , cute , Video

Snowboarders Found a Missing Horse Stranded in the Snow and Saved Her Life


Two snowboarders expected to spend the day enjoying the slopes but they found a horse stranded in the snow instead. They dug the horse out, gave her some food and walked her down the mountain where she was reunited with her owner after going missing for four days. 

Submitted by: (via GoPro)

Tagged: Video , horse , rescue

This Cat Only Has One Move But He Can Really Dance


Submitted by: (via ignoramusky)

Tagged: dancing , cute , Cats , Video

How Do You Make a Meerkat Laugh? You Tickle His Tummy


Submitted by: (via SWNS TV)

Tagged: tickle , meerkat , cute , belly , Video

Hey, Where'd She Go?

cute cat hiding Hey, Where'd She Go?

Submitted by: (via helloheyi)

Tagged: cute , Cats , hiding , image

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