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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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Scientists Have Created the Perfect Cat Trap/Bed and more...

Scientists Have Created the Perfect Cat Trap/Bed


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That Is the Weirdest Hair Extension


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Tagged: cute , Video , Paranoid Parrot

Czech Lion's On Point Hairstyle is Making Everyone Jealous

Lion's mane is absolutely beautiful.

Who's giving this lion a daily blowout?

Leon, a Congolese lion at the Labem Zoo in the Czech Republic, is drawing a lot of stares and a little bit of jealousy due to his perfect mane.

The coiffed bit of beauty atop his majestic head has

I mean, look at this face:

Leon has been at the zoo since 2005. And, if you believe The Daily Mail, he needs no help to look so fine.

Also, Obvs.

Me irl

One more funny face.

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America's Great Outdoors Will Surprise You With Its Amazing and Sometimes Adorable Animals

The United States Department of the Interior has a Vine account and it features some stunning video of America's animals. Some of these videos appear to be captured from a live stream video like one set up at Katmai National Park in Alaska. Now you can take a look at the Great Outdoors without even having to go outside.

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A Hamster Got Tiny a Leash So He Can Go on the Biggest Walk of His Life

This man decided to take his adorable hamster for a walk. Need to see a close up of the hamster enjoying this big new world? It's right here:

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Tagged: twitter , walks , cute , hamster , Video

A Lonely Cheetah Cub Got a Puppy Companion, Now They Are Best Friends


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Tagged: dogs , cheetah , cute , Video

Pets in Halloween Costumes Will Give You All the Seasonal Inspiration You Need


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When You're So Tired You Decide You Better Roll Off to Bed

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Tagged: gifs , cute , hamster

This Flamingo is Dancing Like She's Never Danced Before


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Tagged: flamingo , dance , funny , Video

Watch This Dog Take Off Running From an Earthquake That He Detected Before It Happened


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Tagged: dogs , earthquake , Video

No, I Said for Halloween I Just Want to Be Myself!

cute pigs halloween costumes No, I Said for Halloween I Just Want to Be Myself!

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Watch This Adorable Baby Orangutan and It's Mother Find a Happy New Life When They are Released After Being Rescued


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Tagged: cute , orangutan , Video , rescue

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