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Friday, October 9, 2015

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Rescuers Try to Release a Bird Back Into the Wild But He is Reluctant to Go and more...

Rescuers Try to Release a Bird Back Into the Wild But He is Reluctant to Go


Submitted by: (via Wildlife Aid)

Tagged: birds , cute , funny , Video , rescue

This Puppy Wants to Wake His Friend Up as Gently as Possible So She Will Play With Him


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video

Adorable Ducks Get Adorable Duck Lanes in England

British Ducks get Duck lanes.

Waddle this way.

Ducks in different parts of England received specially designated 'duck lanes' for their webbed feet.

As Mashable reports:

As part of their #ShareTheSpace campaign, Britain's Canal & River Trust have introduced "duck lanes" that run alongside the water's edge, marking out a clear waddling space for everyone's favourite feathered friends.

Obviously, the ducks don't know enough to follow their specified lanes. The lane is more of a reminder to pedestrians and cyclists to be mindful of their feathered friends.

Here's a video that explains more:


Submitted by: (via Mashable)

Tagged: lanes , england , ducks

Rescue Crews Get Left Behind Animals To Safety in Flood

Flooding of the Edisto River in Dorchester Country, South Carolina, has caused people to leave their homes in search of safety. Unfortunately for some this meant leaving animals behind. Rescue crews worked to evacuate exhausted pigs, goats, chickens and dogs from the flooded area.

Submitted by: (via ABC 4)

Tagged: dogs , disaster , pig , Video , animals , rescue

This Dog Is Training for the Zombie Horse Apocalypse and You Will Want Him on Your Side


Submitted by: (via Maymo)

Tagged: dogs , halloween , cute , zombie , Video

Amazing, Rare Footage of an Extra Large Sunfish Off the Coast of Portugal


Submitted by: (via Earth Touch)

Tagged: diving , ocean , sunfish , science , Video

This Dog Has the Skateboarding Skills of a Pro

Submitted by: (via MedicalGradeHangover)

Tagged: skateboarding , dogs , gifs , cute

Watch This Adorable Orphan Baby Possum Bond With a Toy Kangaroo as She is Nursed Back to Health


Submitted by: (via Time pass)

Tagged: possum , cute , Video , rescue

I Can't Get Them Off My Mind


LoL by: Unknown

Tagged: captions , mice , Cats , funny

How Could You? It's Not Even a Real Cheeseburger!

Submitted by: (via GiggleThroughLife)

Tagged: cheezburger , dogs , gifs , cute

Fear Me, Human

cats halloween costume Fear Me, Human

Submitted by: (via LuigiTheLionCat)

Tagged: costume , halloween , cute , Cats

It's a Long Way Down


LoL by: Philippa2

Tagged: puppies , pee , seats , stadium , caption , cheap , trouble

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