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Monday, October 12, 2015

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Peacocks Have Descended Upon This Quiet, Suburban Neighborhood and more...

Peacocks Have Descended Upon This Quiet, Suburban Neighborhood


Who will save the children?

Submitted by: (via jimmy r)

Tagged: peacock , funny , Video

Cats: Nature's Most Graceful Creatures, Full of Majesty, Able to Balance on Almost Anything


We said almost anything.

Submitted by: (via Sophomore)

Tagged: Cats , funny , Video

Watch These Morning News Anchors Get Sprayed by a Skunk!

Just kidding! This tricky morning show guest managed to hide a water bottle in his hand and spray at exactly the right time. He must have had a lot of practice because it's pretty convincing. It's worth watching the video below to see the whole thing go down.


Submitted by: (via KMTV Action 3 News)

Tagged: skunk , gifs , prank , funny , Video

Proof That Ham Leads to Happiness

Submitted by: (via ilikeyourstyle)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , cute , rescue

In a Town Where Rabbits Roam Free You Really Have to Keep an Eye Out or Risk Tripping Over Them


Submitted by: (via USA TODAY)

Tagged: bunnies , news , cute , Video

These Dogs Aren't Very Efficient but They Are Really Helpful When You Want to Carry in Your Groceries


Submitted by: (via Bianca Richter)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video

Scoot Over a Little, This is My Napping Spot

Submitted by: (via natsdorf)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , cute

I'm Just Trying to Be Me


LoL by: Chris10a

Tagged: captions , cute , Cats

If You've Ever Wanted to Know What Your Dog's Tail Wag Means Now You Can Use Technology to Find Out


Submitted by: (via DogStar Life)

Tagged: dogs , cute , science , Video

Sure, I'll Take a Doggie Bag for the Road

cute dogs image sure-ill-take-a-doggie-bag-for-the-road

Submitted by: (via MrBeezy)

Tagged: dogs , cute , image

Trapped Moose is Calmed by His Rescuers and Walks Away Unscathed


Submitted by: (via WIDNRTV)

Tagged: cute , moose , Video , rescue

Never Saw It Before


LoL by: BOZMAN54

Tagged: dogs , sprinkles , captions , cute

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