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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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Get a Look at Dog Paradise From a Dog's Perspective as You Watch 450 Happy, Rescued Dogs Play Together and more...

Get a Look at Dog Paradise From a Dog's Perspective as You Watch 450 Happy, Rescued Dogs Play Together

Anyone who has ever heard whispers of this sanctuary in Serbia knows what a magical place it is. This amazing haven is home to 450 rescued dogs. But this is no ordinary rescue center. What's most incredible is not just the number of dogs who live here, but the WAY they live.

Rather than being warehoused in cages and kennels, the dogs here PLAY all day long. They experience joy, good food and human kindness - often for the very first time.

According to the rest of the video description, this dog sanctuary is run on donations from the Harmony Fund, you can help them or learn more about the cause on their website

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Playing Long Distance Dot Chasing With the Local Wild Dogs


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Tillie, the Hero Dog Who Stayed by His Friend Until They Were Rescued, Was Recognized for His Loyalty


You may remember the story of Tillie and his friend Phoebe, for a week the dogs were lost. During that time Phoebe was trapped in a cistern while Tillie stayed by her side and left only occasionally to try to find help. Now he's been honored as Washingtonian of the Day for the date of October 15, 2015.

Submitted by: (via Tacoma News Tribune)

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A Mother Whale and Mother Dolphin Took Their Babies on a Playdate


Submitted by: (via Vern Sky-Pro)

Tagged: dolphin , cute , whales , Video

Baby Oakley the Great Horned Owl Learns to Do the Monster Mash


Submitted by: (via Raptor Rehabber)

Tagged: halloween , cute , Owl , Video

Watch This Little Girl Hold a Funeral for Her Dead Fish With An Emotional Fetty Wap Cover


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This Skele-pooch is Going to be Glowing Come Halloween!

halloween memes skeleton painted dog

For all you concerned dog lovers out there, the paint is non-toxic!

All of the paint I use is lead/dye free, naturally pigmented, organic and with a vegetable and water base!

Nixe loves all the attention, I do very short 10-15 minute sessions, the Skeleton only took two, and about 30 minutes total, spaced throughout the day, she got a chewy toy and didn't care one bit! I massage everything in by hand that I can and she loves it, she thinks she is just getting some massaging! And loads of treats and play time right after.

She has never bit, itched or licked at the paint once, in fact she acts like she doesn't even notice it, which may very well be true!

Submitted by: (via NixeTheGSD)

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Finally, I Fit In

funny cats costume Finally, I Fit In

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This Deer Loves Her Ball, She Just Doesn't Know What to Do With It


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Tagged: cute , deer , Video

Free Parking!


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Tagged: monopoly , captions , Cats , funny

He's Really Happy for a Ghost

dogs slimer halloween He's Really Happy for a Ghost

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funny lions image selfie

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