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Monday, October 5, 2015

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Full Grown Lioness Attacks the Man Who Raised Her... With Hugs and Kisses and more...

Full Grown Lioness Attacks the Man Who Raised Her... With Hugs and Kisses


The poor man getting snuggled to death in the video is the one who raised Kiara the lion. Now that she's all grown up, she loves it when he comes to visit her. 

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Tiny, Heroic Dog Catches Bears Trying to Start Trouble and Scares Them Away


Here it is from another angle:


Submitted by: (via Ferns channel)

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A Facebook Page Has Been Set Up to Return Pets to Their Owners During the South Carolina Flood

Someone set up a Facebook page to return pets during the South Carolina flood.

It's raining cats and dogs and they need some help.

Even though Hurricane Joaquin will move off into the Atlantic and not make landfall on the eastern seaboard, it still brought devastating weather to some parts of America.

South Carolina has had over two feet of rain in the past few days and it's caused a great deal of grief across the state.

Some of the most innocent victims of the storm has been the dogs and cats that have found themselves out in the storm, lost without their owners.

Well, the https://www.facebook.com/scpetsSouth Carolina Pets Facebook page has dedicated itself to providing a place where owners could report lost animals and those who found strays could connect with the owners.

As they say in the description:

This page was created to give people a broader audience to post lost & found notices rather just on random stop signs and utility poles in the community. We have often felt the concern of taking a found pet to a local shelter and then wondering if we could have done more to reunite them with their families. We wanted to bridge the gap between families who have missing pets and the benevolent individuals who go out of their way to try and rescue them.

They've already had some success stories!

Hopefully, everyone is staying safe out there.

Submitted by: (via SC Pets)


Dog Shows Off His Fancy New Electric Car By Taking the Kid for a Drive


Submitted by: (via Jessica Wolf)

Tagged: dogs , cars , funny , Video

Dancing Dog is Multi-Tasking by Getting Some Cardio in While He Watches TV

Derbie Banks is dancing!

We hope you dance with joy this Sunday...<3Get a free month of DOGTV now! www.dogtv.com/facebook

Posted by DOGTV on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Submitted by: (via DOGTV)

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One of Us, One of Us!

Just let us play with you!

Submitted by: (via gabbialexanders)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , cute , Cats

No One Loves Snow More Than This Dog

funny dogs image No One Loves Snow More Than This Dog

Submitted by: (via communityguide)

Tagged: dogs , cute , funny , image

Best Friends Owl and Cat Jump and Play Together

Submitted by: (via The Daily Share)

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Submitted by: (via Calcd_Uncertainty)

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The Title for This LOL Will Get Here... Eventually

At Least It's Accurate

cute dogs image At Least It's Accurate

Submitted by: (via seasonprimiereutd)

Tagged: dogs , cute , image

Keep an Eye Out for the Adult Emus Too

funny emus image Keep an Eye Out for the Adult Emus Too

Submitted by: (via Nothing to do With Arbroath)

Tagged: emus , cute , funny , image

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