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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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A Pigeon in Japan Casually Rides the Train and more...

A Pigeon in Japan Casually Rides the Train

Submitted by: (via Datsun280zxt)

Tagged: birds , Japan , gifs , funny , train , pigeon

A Wild Penguin Always Comes Back Home to Spend Time With His Rescuer

This Patagoinian penguin goes out into the ocean for up to four months at a time but he always comes back to his friend and rescuer's shack which he calls home. 

Submitted by: (via Wall Street Journal)

Tagged: cute , rescue , penguins , Video

This Cat Surprises Dogs and Makes New Friends While Walking on a Leash at a Dog Event

Submitted by: (via CATMANTOO)

Tagged: Cats , cute , dogs , Video

Watching These Slow Motion Cats Shaking Off Water Will Make Your Day Complete

Submitted by: (via Carli Davidson)

Tagged: cute , Cats , Video

Oh Deer, What a Goal!

Submitted by: (via Sean D. Spidle)

Tagged: sports , deer , soccer , Video , animals , win

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A Wild Seal Decided to Make a New Friend and Join Him for a Boat Ride

Submitted by: (via America's Funniest Home Videos)

Tagged: seals , cute , Video

Get Ready for Halloween With This Adorable Baby Sloth

Tagged: halloween , cute , Video , sloth

Pigeon Wears Crusty Bagel, Rocks New York Fashion World

Spirit Animal of The Day: Pigeon Wears Crusty Bagel, Rocks New York Fashion World

Pizza rat, milkshake squirrel and bagel pigeon walk into a bar...

And have one heck of a feast.

Redditor connierubirosa is following in the footsteps of the many recent food/animal combinations of New York City and captured this very stoic pigeon wearing a bagel on camera.

So, let's recap.

Pizza Rat

Milkshake Squirrel

And now...Bagel Pigeon

God Bless New York City.

Submitted by: (via Reddit )

Tagged: pigeon , birds , bagel , animals

If Your Cat Won't Let You Dress Him Up for Halloween, Just Decorate a Box

Submitted by: (via mugumogu)

Tagged: costume , halloween , cute , Cats , Video

Watch the Fluffiest Rabbit Hop in Slow Motion Because You Deserve It

Submitted by: (via My Year With The Rabbit)

Tagged: cute , rabbit , bunny , Video

The Wind Is Too Much for These Tiny Ducklings But They Eventually Find Their Footing

Submitted by: (via Esports)

Tagged: ducks , cute , funny , Video

Myths About Animals That Are Actually Fact

Submitted by: (via The Dodo)

Tagged: myth , facts , Video , animals

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