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Friday, October 30, 2015

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Why Are People So Afraid of These Mutant Spider Dogs? They Just Want to Play and more...

Why Are People So Afraid of These Mutant Spider Dogs? They Just Want to Play

Submitted by: (via SA Wardega)

Tagged: spiders , dogs , halloween , cute , prank , funny

These Cute Halloween Bunnies Are the Perfect Thing to Watch After a Scary Movie

Submitted by: (via Bunny Boo Boo)

Tagged: halloween , cute , bunny , Video

Baby Elephant is Starting to Outgrow His Bathtub, That Doesn't Stop Him From Trying to Get In

Submitted by: (via elephantnews)

Tagged: elephant , cute , Video

Little Girl Uses Sign Language to Communicate With Her Dog

Submitted by: (via KRQE)

Tagged: dogs , sign language , cute , Video

Where Could She Be?

Submitted by: (via undercovergiraffe)

Tagged: rhino , gifs , cute , funny

This Dog Is So Excited to Find Out He Has a Pool at His New House

Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video

Someone Let Their Cat Get a Little Out of Control on National Cat Day

Submitted by: (via Felines of New York)

Tagged: cute , Cats , funny , Video

Watching This Video Will Remind You How Much a Rescue Animal Can Give Back to Their New Owners

Submitted by: (via Battersea Dogs & Cats Home)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Cats , rescue

This Raccoon Will Eat Anything You Offer If You'll Just Be His Friend

Hand feeding raccoons is not a good idea because they are wild animals who can carry rabies.. but this one is still pretty cute. 

Submitted by: (via BackstreetZAFU)

Tagged: cute , raccoons , Video

These Dogs Went to the Stylist and Came Back With a Halloween Costume

Submitted by: (via Jimmy Kimmel Live)


Meet a New, Rare Baby Sumatran Orangutan Who Was Just Given the Name Siska

Submitted by: (via Chester Zoo)

Tagged: baby , cute , orangutan , Video

Watch Sea Animals Get in On the Halloween Pumpkin Fun

Submitted by: (via Shedd Aquarium)


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