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Thursday, September 17, 2015

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Watch This Adorable Piglet and Dog Become Best Friends Instantly and more...

Watch This Adorable Piglet and Dog Become Best Friends Instantly


Submitted by: (via Kirsten Drysdale)

Tagged: dogs , guinea pigs , cute , Video

This Adorable Video Has All You Need to Know About Getting Your Pets Ready for Disaster

Seal Rides a Whale, Probably to Protest Uber

friendship,seal,whale,ocean,hitch hiker,riding

Robyn Malcolm scored a beautiful picture of animal friendship in Eden, New South Wales when she captured that glorious image of a seal riding a whale.

Look at it again.

He's just chilling. Hanging out and enjoying the scenery while his oceanic minion delivers him to his destination.

There's no telling what part this cetacean transportation has in the global turmoil over ride sharing.

But probably this pair is just really late to the weasel riding a woodpecker party and they think they can catch some of that sweet, sweet virality.

Here's that picture again, just for fun.

Submitted by: (via Robyn Malcolm)


This Wolf-Dog Hybrid Has a Viciously Cute Run-In With the Leaf Blower


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: dogs , cute , funny , Video

Understand Your Cat's Emotions With This Handy Video


Submitted by: (via Cole and Marmalade)

Tagged: cute , Cats , funny , Video

This Dog Apologizes by Giving Irresistibly Adorable Hugs

Something tells me he's not in trouble anymore. 

Submitted by: (via natsdorf)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , cute

I Don't Think the Cat Life is for Me

cute dogs image I Don't Think the Cat Life is for Me

Submitted by: (via onelostintheabyss)

Tagged: dogs , Cats , funny , image

Mom, Stop Embarrassing Me!

funny cats image Mom, Stop Embarrassing Me!

Submitted by: (via btl_1294)

Tagged: Cats , funny , image

Beware This "Mountain Lion" Is on the Hunt for Bubbles


Submitted by: (via Fritz Dog)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video

This is What a Baby Giraffe Sounds Like


Submitted by: (via noichizoo)

Tagged: cute , giraffes , Video

Maybe You Could Use a Little More Practice

cute dogs image Maybe You Could Use a Little More Practice

Submitted by: (via DirkDieGurke)

Tagged: dogs , cute , image

Try Not to Fall Asleep While You Watch This Fat Little Hedgehog Get His Belly Rubbed

A video posted by kazu_p (@kazu_p) on

Submitted by: (via @kazu_p)

Tagged: cute , hedgehog , Video

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