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Friday, September 4, 2015

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Tom Hardy Took His Dog To The Premiere Of 'Legend' and more...

Tom Hardy Took His Dog To The Premiere Of 'Legend'

Good Boy of the Day: Tom Hardy Took His Dog To The Premiere Of 'Legend'

Tom Hardy's dog Woody is the real star.

After arriving on the red carpet at London's Leicester Square for the premiere of his film Legend, Tom showed off his best bud—an adorable mutt named Woody.

The star was also joined by his wife Charlotte Riley, who is expecting a child. But all eyes were on Woody.

The lovable pooch even took his chance in the spotlight to show off his bird-chasing skills. Just how long until Woody makes an appearance in one of Hardy's epic dub smashes? The public needs to know.

Submitted by: (via Daily Mail UK)

Tagged: celeb , dogs , red carpet , tom hardy

This Crow Doesn't Care if it's Raining, He's Just Along for the Ride

Submitted by: (via Scott Rogers)

Tagged: crow , gifs , funny

Rogue Australian Sheep Gets 90 Pounds Of Fleece Removed

Haircut of the Day: Rogue Australian Sheep Gets 90 Pounds Of Fleece Removed

There's nothing like an new haircut to put a pep in your step.

But this Australian sheep is probably feeling a little better than with the average haircut. And that's because he is also 90 pounds lighter.

A Canberra sheep named Chris was recently captured by animal welfare workers after getting lost from his herd for more than two years. It seems that during this time he really let himself go.

Chris' fleece was sheered off Thursday by four-time national shearing champion Ian Elkins, and it weighed in at around 90 pounds, easily topping the previous record.

Fleece this large can cause serious health problems, said RSPCA ACT chief executive Tammy Ven Dange.

"It can actually make it impossible for them to go to the bathroom. We don't know how bad the damage could be because this has been building for awhile," she said.

Chris is reportedly in good health, and will likely join a local herd to live out the rest of his (lighter) days.

Submitted by: (via Daily Mail UK)

Tagged: animals , australia , haircut , sheep , wool

Explore Part of Japan While You Look for Local Cats With Hiroshima Cat Street View


This Japanese website has created a Google Street View for cats in the city of Hiroshima. You can virtually explore the streets looking for cat icons to find the local kitties in their homes. 

via Hiroshima Cat Street View 

Unfortunately, you may not be able to understand the biographies offered when you click on the kitty icons if you don't read Japanese but the extra pictures of the cats, their homes and their owners are worth investigating. 

via Hiroshima Cat Street View

If you find a video icon you can even click to see a cat's eye view of the street and meet the locals. 


Submitted by: (via Hiroshima Cat Street View)

Tagged: Cats , cute , Travel , Video

This Baby Beluga Whale Loves Photobombing the Connecticut Governor During a Press Conference


Submitted by: (via lam viet)


A Little Crossing Guard Dog Makes a Big Difference Helping Kids Safely Across the Street


Submitted by: (via InstantInformer)

Tagged: cute , dogs , Video

Get a Closer Look At Some of the Fascinating Creatures of the Deep Sea


Submitted by: (via It's Okay To Be Smart)

Tagged: fish , science , Video

Taking the Stairs Four Paws at a Time is More Efficient

Submitted by: (via ImBlueWhoYou)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , cute

Someone Give This Bird an Oscar

Submitted by: (via natsdorf)

Tagged: birds , gifs , funny

Here's Your New Puppy, Will That Be Paper or Plastic?

Submitted by: (via catatemytablet)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , cute

Did Someone Say Head Scratches?

Submitted by: (via Kuu Owl)

Tagged: vine , cute , Owl , Video

If You Miss Your Dog at Work, Just Watch This and Pretend You're Playing With This Puppy and His Bunny


Submitted by: (via Hattie The Westie)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video

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