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Thursday, September 3, 2015

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The First Few Weeks of Life Can Be Scary, But These Tiger Cubs Are Fearless and more...

The First Few Weeks of Life Can Be Scary, But These Tiger Cubs Are Fearless


Look at that fighting spirit, no cat trap will keep him for long! 

Submitted by: (via BBC Earth)

Tagged: baby , cute , tiger , Video

What Are You Looking at Me For? I'm Not Watching You...


Submitted by: (via William Roescher)

Tagged: dogs , funny , Video

This Corgi Puppy Managed to Escape His Doggie Gate But His Owner Couldn't Figure Out How Until He Set Up a Hidden Camera


Submitted by: (via Barcroft TV)

Tagged: dogs , cute , corgi , Video

If You've Ever Wondered What Life Is Like for an Otter, Here's Your Chance to Find Out


Submitted by: (via BBC)

Tagged: cute , otters , Video

Meet Shakes, An Unstoppable Kitten Living Life to the Fullest


This is the story of amazing SHAKES! :)

Posted by WORLD FOR ALL/ SAVE THE HELPLESS ANIMALS OF MUMBAI on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Submitted by: (via World For All)

Tagged: cute , Cats , Video , rescue

Why Bother With Stairs When You Can Train Your Human to Be an Elevator?


Submitted by: (via ignoramusky)

Tagged: cute , Cats , Video

This Dog Gets So Excited When He Realizes He Doesn't Have to Have a Leash


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video

Get Back Here, I Did Not Say I Was Done With Scratches

Submitted by: (via daishar08)

Tagged: gifs , funny , horse

Oh the Betrayal, It Stings

Submitted by: (via Krellbit)

Tagged: gifs , catapult , funny

Ok Kids, Pick Out a Treat

funny ducks image Ok Kids, Pick Out a Treat

Submitted by: (via SabineAstroph)

Tagged: ducks , cute , funny , image

Enjoy the Mesmerizing Effect of Watching a Cat Unroll Toilet Paper


Submitted by: (via Kyoot Animals)

Tagged: toilet paper , cute , Cats , Video

Get a Drone to Run With Your Dog So You Won't Have To!


Submitted by: (via Kartzke)

Tagged: dogs , cute , drones , Video

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