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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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The Cutest Hot Dogs You've Ever Seen Race to Kick Off Oktoberfest and more...

The Cutest Hot Dogs You've Ever Seen Race to Kick Off Oktoberfest

cute dogs The Cutest Hot Dogs You've Ever Seen Had a Race to Kick Off Oktoberfest

These dogs put on buns and squiggles of mustard to look the part as they competed in a wiener race to kick off Oktoberfest in Cincinnati.

You can watch a video of the race below:


via WLWT

This season is prime time for Dachshund races.  To kick off their Oktoberfest, the city of Melbourne in Australia held the Running of the Wieners. Their costumes were more varied, but equally adorable.

via The Age  

Submitted by: (via Cute Overload)

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Whoever This Husky Is Talking to in His Dream is Really Getting an Earful


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: dogs , cute , funny , Video

Hungry Squirrel Wrestles a Shake Cup the Size of His Own Body Out of the Trash for a Tasty Treat


Move over pizza rat, milkshake squirrel has mouths to feed. His mouth.

Submitted by: (via The Watercooler)

Tagged: funny , milkshake , Video , squirrel

Hey, Play With Me! I'm Harmless, Look, I Will Pet You Just Like the Human

Submitted by: (via GallowBoob)

Tagged: Cats , cute , dogs , gifs

Watch Sea Otters Enjoy a Special Treat for Sea Otter Awareness Week


Submitted by: (via Shedd Aquarium)

Tagged: cute , otters , Video

Puppy Has Trouble Getting His Ferret Friends to Come Out and Play


Submitted by: (via CutiesNFuzzies)

Tagged: ferret , dogs , cute , Video

That Looks Hard, Let Me Try!

funny dogs gifs That Looks Hard, Let Me Try!

Submitted by: (via Sippingin)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , cute , funny

This Pig Has Done Everything He Can Think of to Prove He's Sorry for Eating All the Rabbit Food


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: pig , cute , funny , Video

A Tiny Baby Bunny Just Searching for Cuddles

Submitted by: (via jinky74)

Tagged: gifs , cute , bunny

Watch This Adorable Baby Panda Figure Out What Eating Bamboo is All About


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This May Be the Cutest Lion Ever Caught On Film

Possibly the cutest lion ever! 

Submitted by: (via ohelloclaire)

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Watch This Baby Squirrel Try His First Cheerio


Submitted by: (via All About the Hazelnuts)

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