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Thursday, September 17, 2015

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Now You Can Use Google Street View to Get to Know the Elephants in Samburu, Kenya and more...

Now You Can Use Google Street View to Get to Know the Elephants in Samburu, Kenya


When you go to streetview in Google Maps for Samburu, Kenya you can learn about the elephants living in Samburu National Reserve. 

Pictures of the elephants in their habitat are accompanied by a paragraph explaining the circumstances of the image and telling a little more about their daily life.  This picture shows a family of elephants resting in the shade on their way to get a drink. 

With the collaboration of Save the Elephants and the Samburu National Council there are several pictures to explore, each with a story to tell about the elephants who live there. 

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This Raccoon Knocks on the Door to Ask for Food


That or shes trying to break in very slowly. 


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A Pilot Diverts an International Flight to Save a French Bulldog

Pilot completely diverts International flight to save a French Bulldog.

Everything was going fine on an International flight traveling from Tel Aviv to Toronto, until the plane's pilot recognized a heating malfunction in the cargo bay. Normally the pilot would have stayed the course, but this one knew a French bulldog was along for the ride.

So at great financial and time expense, the pilot decided to drastically change direction for the sake of the pup.

The seven-year-old French bulldog named Simba was taking its first flight when the pilot noticed the problem just as the plane was about to head over the Atlantic Ocean, where temperatures plummet.

With the dog's well-being in peril the pilot decided to land the plane in Frankfurt, Germany.

The dog's owner was more than grateful.

"It's my dog, it's like my child. It's everything to me," he said after they were reunited at Pearson Airport.

Aviation expert Phyl Durby said the pilot made the right call, despite tacking on about $10,000 in fuel costs and delaying the flight by 75 minutes.

Though the dog is named, the hero pilot was not identified. He could be anywhere out there, blending in with the rest of humanity. Ready to reemerge when he senses another French bulldog in turmoil.

Submitted by: (via City News)


Owners Are Putting Their Dogs to the Test By Pretending to Faint During Walks

These reactions don't look good for team dog. I'm sure they can see through their human's trick and are just playing along, pretending not to care, right? ... Right? Maybe no one has given these pups the first responder training they obviously need.

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This Kitten Was So Trapped She Needed to Be Rescued With the Jaws of Life, Now She's Doing Fine


Submitted by: (via WPRI)

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Cat Wages a Calculated War From Inside a Box


Submitted by: (via Mateus Reis)

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This Tortoise Could Use Some Better Climbing Instruction


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Watch a Tiny Human and Tiny Cat Wake Up From a Nap


Submitted by: (via Jennifer Stetler)

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One of These Things is Not Like the Others


Submitted by: (via Meg Frost)

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Ready for My Goodnight Kiss!

cute dogs image Ready for My Goodnight Kiss!

Submitted by: (via IShouldBeDrunkForThis)

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Watch This Cat Give a Great Dane the Most Relaxing Massage Ever


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

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Paddle Boarders Got a Surprise When They Were Visited by a Herd of Manatee

Tyler & Lauren get a special treat when this group of manatee swim so gracefully by them in the crystal clear water of the Weeki Wachee River. Thank-you for making SUP Weeki your paddleboard destination!

Posted by SUP WEEKI on Saturday, September 12, 2015

These paddle boarders were minding their own business in the Weeki Wachee River when a large group of manatee came by to visit.

Submitted by: (via SUP WEEKI)

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