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Saturday, September 12, 2015

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I Suppose I'll Allow You To Brush Me and more...

I Suppose I'll Allow You To Brush Me

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This Biker Rescued a Kitten and Took Her on the Road


Biker Pat Doody found a kitten in need of help while he was on a cross country trip from California to New Jersey. The poor kitten, nicknamed "Party Cat", was badly burned when he found her. With some care and a trip to the vet, she's almost fully recovered.

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Take That, Thought Police!

I Will Mop the Floor With You!

cute cats gifs I Will Mop the Floor With You!

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Tagged: gifs , cute , Cats

Time to Take a Break

cute cats image Time to Take a Break

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Please Can I Have a Treat?

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Tagged: gifs , cute , Cats

My Food Bowl Is Empty!


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Tagged: tuna , food , caption , Cats , funny

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