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Monday, September 14, 2015

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Guys...Guys? Hey! Open the Door! and more...

Guys...Guys? Hey! Open the Door!

Submitted by: (via darinda777)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , funny

This Adorable Koala's Baby Video Might Just Be the Cutest Home Movie Ever


Submitted by: (via Symbio Wildlife Park)

Tagged: cute , koala , Video

This Squeaky Kitty Doesn't Really Have Meowing Figured Out Yet


Submitted by: (via Isai Z)

Tagged: kitten , cute , Cats , Video

I Love Tennis Balls! Wait... Too Many Tennis Balls!

Submitted by: (via Sippingin)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , cute

Okay, Who Did It?


Submitted by: (via Kyoot Animals)

Tagged: dogs , cute , funny , Video

Watch These Baby Animals Bottle Feeding for Your Daily Dose of Squee


Submitted by: (via ZooBorns)

Tagged: Babies , cute , Video , animals

These Dogs Just Want To Relax and Rock on the Porch


Submitted by: (via Kyoot Animals)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video

Wanna Race?

Submitted by: (via waterskizone)

Tagged: birds , Video

Adorable Fennec Fox Is Very Upset He Got Woken From His Nap


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: fox , cute , Video

This Chinchilla Loves Summer

cute chinchilla image This Chinchilla Loves Summer

Submitted by: (via Neatorama)

Tagged: cute , image , chinchilla

Tiny Puppy Just Wants This Cat to Be His Friend


Submitted by: (via Sunflower Farm Creamery)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Cats , Video

A Surfer Had a Run in With a Dolphin. Thankfully, No One Was Hurt

Dolphin Body Slam

Matt Minich and Peter Nelson paddling and surfing in Hermosa and Manhattan Beach when a dolphin surfing the waves didn't see Matt and gave him a body slam. Fortunately no one was hurt. Hit the little "HD" button to get the best quality video.

Posted by Matt Minich on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Submitted by: (via matt.minich)

Tagged: scary , dolphins , surfing , Video

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