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Friday, September 18, 2015

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As Far As He's Concerned, These Boots Were Not Made for Walking and more...

As Far As He's Concerned, These Boots Were Not Made for Walking


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An Asthmatic Sea Otter Has Learned to Use an Inhaler

An adorable see otter with asthma learned how to use an inhaler.

Poor Mishka the otter couldn't breathe after smoke from Washington State wildfires made its way over the mountains and into the Seattle Aquarium.

Luckily, a staff veterinarian noticed Mishka's problem, ran some tests and determined that the otter needed her own inhaler.

ABC details the successful treatment:

Now Seattle Aquarium biologist Sara Perry is working with Mishka to get her comfortable with using her inhaler. Like other training maneuvers, Perry uses food to try and entice Mishka to learn to use the inhaler, filled with the same medication used to treat humans with asthma.

...The aquarium said they are unsure why Mishka developed the condition, which is more common in humans, but speculated that it may be due to reduced genetic diversity in the population since they were nearly wiped out in the early 1900's and had to be repopulated with otters from Alaska.

For maximum adorbage, watch this video that provides more information and shows little Mishka taking her medicine.


Poor little thing, even the otters are being affected by the rash of Western America wild fires.

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The Next Evolution of CrossFit is Coming


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Thousands of Wild Rabbits are Terrorizing a Washington Town

 Thousands of are pooping all over this Washington town.

A small town in Washington State has more than one wild hare up their butts.

Thousands of rabbits have taken over Langley and the residents are none too pleased with how they have taken over the turf.

It's all over the local news:

"There is feces everywhere and there are some illnesses that can be carried and transmitted," said Brian Miller. Facilities Director for the South Whidbey School District. "Every day there are new holes, and the ones we've filled in are dug out, again."

...Countless wild rabbits are digging up the middle school football field that the district just paid $80,000 to restore. They're destroying the foundations of buildings at the Island County Fairgrounds, and posing health risks to people and pets.

Here's a video of these rascally rabbits.

KTIV News 4 Sioux City IA: News, Weather and Sports

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So the Dog Really Did Eat Your Homework? Too Bad, Now I Have to Kill You

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Wow, What Are You Feeding Her?

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Just Relax, I Will Rescue You!

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I Guess This Dog Prefers the Shower Over Baths


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This Hero Dog Watched Over His Trapped Friend for a Week Until They Were Found and Rescued

cute dogs rescue This Hero Dog Watched Over His Trapped Friend for a Week Until They Were Found and Rescued

For a week dogs Tillie and Phoebe went missing. Phoebe, the basset hound in the picture, was stuck in a concrete cistern where both dogs were found. During that time Tillie stood watch over Phoebe, leaving only to look for help and return. Both dogs were cold and hungry but otherwise in good shape. Thanks to Tillie, they were both safely rescued.

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I Guess Cats Are Assembling Their Own Boxes Now?


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This is the First Time This Rescued Tiger Has Seen Grass

Waiting Until the Hot Dogs Are the Perfect Temperature to Knock Them on the Ground

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