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Saturday, August 8, 2015

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Taylor Swift Has Bad Blood With Her Cat Meredith and more...

Taylor Swift Has Bad Blood With Her Cat Meredith

Taylor Swift Meredith Cat Scratch Video Funny

It's pretty much official that Taylor Swift's cat, Meredith, is pure evil.

Taylor posted an Instagram video today of very mixed greetings from her two cats Olivia and Meredith. While Olivia was feeling it, Meredith definitely was not.

Coming Home to Mixed Reactions - a short film

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

This isn't the first run in Taylor has had with Meredith. Four months ago, Meredith made her loyalties well known.

Meredith must be #TeamNicki.

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The Cutest Kitties In Cosplay


Who says cosplay is only for humans? The folks over at Cat-Cosplay, think the fun is inter-species. Can't tell if adorable or animal cruelty, but heck here's some cute kitties in cosplay.*

*A common side effect of cats in costumes is pun related head injuries. Cheezburger.com is not responsible for any pun related facepalms. #NotSorry

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This Kitten Found a Great New Toy to Play With

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Taking Grooming to the Next Level

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Watch Out for These Warning Signs

funny cats image Watch Out for These Warning Signs

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Kitten Adjusts To Life As a Drink Koozie


This kitten got his head stuck in a drink koozie. This is his life now. 

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This Poor Cat Is Outmatched By a Laser Equipped Lizard


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