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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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Do You Ever Get the Feeling That You're Being Watched? and more...

Do You Ever Get the Feeling That You're Being Watched?


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A Daring Rescue Saved a Kitten Trapped in a Storm Drain


A brave volunteer went headfirst into a drain pipe filled with rushing water to rescue a kitten in danger. Safety precautions were taken to protect the volunteer, a makeshift dam was used to slow the amount of water in the storm drain and she was tied to a rope so that she could be saved if the rescue didn't go as planned. Luckily for the kitten, who has been named Stormy, everything went well. A firefighter helped Stormy recover by giving her a little oxygen mask that helped her breathe. She's now doing well in foster care and someday she'll be able to be adopted by a loving, permanent home. She looks like she's recovering quickly. 

via The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee 

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I Guess We Didn't Need to Install That Cat Door


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Giant Panda Named Mei Xiang Just Had Twins at the Smithsonian National Zoo

cute panda news Giant Panda Named Mei Xiang Just Had Twins at the Smithsonian National Zoo

The panda team at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. was excited to greet their newest baby panda on the evening of August 22. They were surprised to see that a second cub was born around 10 P.M. that night. It's rare for giant pandas to have twins, in fact this is only the third time that a pair of panda cubs have been born in the United States. 

At the moment the zoo is working to alternate individual time with the panda mother for each cub to make sure she can devote enough attention to each of them. So far Mei Xiang has been adjusting to motherhood well, you can see her immediately picking up and cleaning her second cub in the video below. 


Submitted by: (via Laughing Squid)

Tagged: news , baby , panda , cute

Watch This Baby Elephant Try to Keep Up With His New Dog Friend


Submitted by: (via elephantnews)

Tagged: dogs , elephant , cute , Video

This Sheep Has Trouble Sharing the Road


Submitted by: (via Mr Blahblam)

Tagged: cute , sheep , Video

This Smart Service Dog Went Beyond Her Duties to Save Her Owner From a Fire


Yolanda the service dog pressed an emergency call button on her owner's phone to save her from a fire. This isn't the first time she's saved her owner by calling emergency services. The well trained pup has done this once before when her owner slipped and fell. 

Submitted by: (via TvReportNews)

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Snails Need Treats Every Once In a While Too

cute snail gifs Snails Need Treats Every Once In a While Too

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Tagged: gifs , cute , snail

It's a Little Hard to Swim in This Pool

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Tagged: dogs , gifs , cute , pool

This Baby Goat Is Alarmed That Someone Would Dare Refer to Him as "Cute"

A video posted by Mo (@christ.in.mo) on

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Whale Watchers Get Stunning Video of Visiting Humpback Whales


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This Kitten Had a Little Trouble Keeping Her Balance


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