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Thursday, August 6, 2015

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Cats Overload the Internet to Draw Attention to Crowded Shelters and more...

Cats Overload the Internet to Draw Attention to Crowded Shelters


Happy Kitten Season!

While that may sound like a lovely time of year, filled with fluffy tummies and tiny meows, it actually refers to the time of year when animal shelters are hit the hardest. Around this time is when all of those amorous cats who copulated over the spring have their litters. Many don't have happy healthy homes and so are stuck within shelters.

Mashable introduced an IRL cat video to help draw attention to the need for rescue help.

While there's definitely enough space for infinite cats on the Internet, finding space in animal shelters is a different story. Mashable teamed up with ASPCA to shed light on "kitten season." Between the months of April and October, shelters across the country find themselves flooded with kittens in desperate need of homes. To get involved, whether you're looking to volunteer, donate or adopt, visit an animal shelter near you.

If you need a new friend or know someone who does, you can find the nearest shelter here.

You actually can make this a Happy Kitten Season for yourself. Go and rescue!

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Prepare To Cry When You Hear This Dogs Soulful Blues Song


Submitted by: (via q on cbc)

Tagged: dogs , cute , funny , Video

This Video Will Make You See Your Trip to the Zoo From a Whole New Perspective


Submitted by: (via Sony | Action Cam)

Tagged: zoo , cute , Video , animals

Everyone Should Have an Emergency Teddy to Hug Just Like This Adorable Wallaby

cute wallaby image Everyone Should Have an Emergency Teddy to Hug Just Like This Adorable Wallaby

Submitted by: (via Gillian Abbott via @Tim_Beshara)

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This Dog Is Clamoring at the Mic to Tell Us What She Really Thinks

The dog of sports reporter Jessica Blaylock was interviewed at a Miami Marlins game and she definitely had something to say.

Submitted by: (via Vice Sports)

Tagged: dogs , funny , Video

That's an Interesting Breed of Dog You Got There

Submitted by: (via RespectMyAuthoriteh)

Tagged: gifs , cute , lizard , funny

Oh...You Found Me

Chimpanzees Have a Dance Battle With Their Reflections


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Tagged: chimpanzee , funny , Video

Kitten Attacks Tail!

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Tagged: gifs , cute , Cats , funny

Acrobatic Dog Shows Off Her Skills While Playing Keep Up With a Balloon


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Excuse Me! I Would Like to Place an Order, Please

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Open the Window They're Getting Away!


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