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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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Blue Whales Are Just So Hard to Find... Except That One and more...

Blue Whales Are Just So Hard to Find... Except That One


Submitted by: (via BBC Earth Unplugged)

Tagged: whale , funny , Video

This Seal Bumped Into The Shark That Was After Him With a Risky Evasive Maneuver


It looks like he managed to avoid the shark...for now. 

Submitted by: (via Atlantic White Shark Conservancy)

Tagged: seals , shark , Video

Paralyzed Bunny Gets a Chance to Walk Again Thanks to This Custom Wheelchair


Submitted by: (via SWNS TV)

Tagged: cute , bunny , Video

Sure, You Love Cat Videos But Are You Dedicated Enough to Go to a Cat Video Festival?

This year thousands of cat video lovers gathered in St. Paul, Minnesota to celebrate the fourth annual Internet Cat Video Festival. Fans dressed in all manner of cat themed regalia to enjoy the festivities and watch a 70-minute long compilation video featuring the best of 15,000 submissions. The festival's crowning event is the Golden Kitty award which is determined by popular vote in the month leading up the the event and announced during the festival. This year's winner? Alana Grelyak and Michael Gabriele of Chicago for a parody of the well known MasterCard commercials which they titled "Cat Behavior Finally Explained".

Submitted by: (via Washington Post)

Tagged: news , cute , festival , Cats , Video

These Fish Are So Good At Dodging, Why Can't I Catch Them?

Submitted by: (via @bradythegoldenpup)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video

This Elephant Escaped the Circus Just to Go Shop at a Flea Market?


This elephant was part of a circus near this Dutch fleamarket and calmly walks through to peruse the goods before her handler came to pick her up. 

Submitted by: (via Wouter Louwerens)

Tagged: elephant , funny , Video

This Wild Dolphin Showed Off to Visitors With Some Acrobatic Moves


Submitted by: (via Ryan Pipes)

Tagged: dolphin , cute , Video

Hi! You Happy Now? I Said It. HELLO HELLO HELLO!


Submitted by: (via RebelTVUSA)

Tagged: dogs , cute , funny , Video

Ahh It Smells, But I Must...Carry Out... My Attack!


Submitted by: (via 郭恩劭)

Tagged: cute , Cats , Video

This Tortoise Puts Food Before Comfort

cute tortoise gifs This Tortoise Puts Food Before Comfort

Submitted by: (via Heather Bjørnebo)

Tagged: gifs , cute , tortoise

The World Is a Scary Place, Don't Worry, Momma's Got You

Submitted by: (via @ krjones94)

Tagged: gifs , cute , monkey

Honey, I'm Home!


According to the video description, this cat is deaf and couldn't hear her owner in the house. She got adorably startled when she finally noticed that he was right behind her. 

Submitted by: (via SolomonGunn)

Tagged: cute , Cats , Video

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