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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

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A Mother and Baby Whale Swam Up to a Boat of Tourists and Made Friends and more...

A Mother and Baby Whale Swam Up to a Boat of Tourists and Made Friends


These two friendly creatures even got close enough to let people pet them!

Submitted by: (via Barcroft TV)

Tagged: whale , cute , Video

Road Rage Will Get You Nowhere


Submitted by: (via AaronsAnimals)

Tagged: Cats , funny , Video

This Dog Had to Be Rescued After a Wave Swept Him Into the Ocean


Submitted by: (via DK Rock Don)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video

Elephants Get Up Close and Personal With a Camera Left Out in the Wild


Submitted by: (via GoPro)

Tagged: elephant , cute , Video

This Dog Will Do Anything For a Bite of That Food


That includes speaking English. 

Submitted by: (via Sam Giovanini)

Tagged: dogs , funny , Video

Above Land or Under Water: Which Eight Legged Animal is Cutest?

Octopi ( or octopodes? octopuses?) are surprisingly smart for such squishy sea creatures. On the other hand, the peacock spider sure can dance. Which one is cuter? Let's put it to a vote!

Submitted by: (via Cheezburger)

Tagged: poll , spider , cute , octopus

Watch This Cop Save a Baby Skunk From a Yogurt Container


Bless you officer officer Merlin Taylor of the Rochester Police Department, this is exactly the kind of cute today needed.

Submitted by: (via MLive.com Staff)

Tagged: skunk , skunks , cute , squee , Video , win , police

This Owl Was Given His Own Library Card

funny owl image This Owl Was Given His Own Library Card

Yoda is a very helpful owl to the library at the University of Bath. He is taken there often by his handler to keep seagulls at bay. In honor of his contribution to the safety and sanity of those working at the library and attending the school he was given a library card. 

Submitted by: (via Neatorama)

Tagged: Owl , funny , image

This Kitty's Soft Snoring Will Make You Want to Take a Nap


Submitted by: (via Charles Pratt)

Tagged: cute , Cats , Video

Tea Time


These cats are enjoying tea made especially for cats!

Submitted by: (via mugumogu)

Tagged: cute , Cats , Video

You May Like Cheese, but Do You Love It as Much as This Dog?


Submitted by: (via Norbert)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video

This Isn't What I Meant When I Said I Would Play a Game With You

Submitted by: (via TenaciousSiege)

Tagged: gifs , cute , Cats

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