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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

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This Beached Great White Shark Was Saved!...Very Carefully and more...

This Beached Great White Shark Was Saved!...Very Carefully


He may be small but he still has teeth!

Submitted by: (via Mike Bartel)

Tagged: shark , Video , win , rescue

Problem Solving Crow Figured Out a Complex Puzzle to Win a Treat


Submitted by: (via BBC)

Tagged: crows , science , Video

Find Out the Difference Between Big Cats and Your House Cat


Submitted by: (via Cole and Marmalade)

Tagged: cute , Cats , Video

Watch a Live Stream of Bears Wading in the River


These bears are wandering around in the cool water at Katmai National Park in Alaska.  In this live streaming video you can see them playing in the water and trying to catch salmon in real time! 

Here's a snapshot of what you might see.

Submitted by: (via Explore.org)

Tagged: bears , cute , live stream , Video

Nothing Stops This Graceful Gymnast From Playing Fetch


Submitted by: (via Chai Dog)

Tagged: dogs , funny , Video

It's the Super Fast Decorating Tool Every Cat Lady Needs!


Submitted by: (via Super Epic Cats)

Tagged: Cats , funny , Video

If You're Having a Rough Day, Just Focus on This Calming Baby Sea Lion Pool


Submitted by: (via WildblueExpeditions)

Tagged: cute , Video , sea lion

Your Sacrifice Will Never Be Forgotten



Submitted by: (via AFV Animals)

Tagged: dogs , funny , Video

Bath Time? Let Me Outta Here!

Submitted by: (via Handicapreader)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , cute , funny

I Am Graceful and Poised

funny cats image I Am Graceful and Poised

Submitted by: (via floozys)

Tagged: Cats , funny , image

Listen to This Dog Prodigy Serenade You


Submitted by: (via KennedyFamily99)

Tagged: dogs , funny , Video

At Least They Dressed Up for Dinner

funny cats image At Least They Dressed Up for Dinner

It's too bad they refuse to use silverware though....

Submitted by: (via gr8ca9)

Tagged: Cats , funny , image

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