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Sunday, June 28, 2015

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You Don't Want to Be on My Bad Side and more...

You Don't Want to Be on My Bad Side


LoL by: Mr.Mystery

Tagged: dogs , captions , funny

Fritz the Dog Works on His Skills by (Almost) Catching Tasty Sausages


You would think the delicious scent and extra motivation of sausages would make up for his apparent lack of depth perception but...no. 

Submitted by: (via Fritz Dog)

Tagged: dogs , catch , funny , Video

Unhand Me, Human.

cute rabbit image Unhand Me, Human.

Submitted by: (via LiquidC0ax)

Tagged: cute , rabbit , image

I Fly!

funny cats gifs I Fly!

Submitted by: (via natsdorf)

Tagged: gifs , Cats , funny

This Dog Will Do Anything For a Bite of That Food


That includes speaking English. 

Submitted by: (via AFV Kids)

Tagged: dogs , funny , Video

Gone in Seconds

funny orangutan gifs Gone in Seconds

Submitted by: (via pricklylegs)

Tagged: gifs , orangutan , funny

The Betrayal Goes Deep


LoL by: BestCaptionz

Tagged: captions , Cats , funny

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