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Monday, June 29, 2015

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There's Even Still Room for a Phone Charger and Catnip and more...

There's Even Still Room for a Phone Charger and Catnip

funny cats image There's Even Still Room for a Phone Charger and Catnip

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Farewell, Station Master Tama

cute cats news Farewell, Station Master Tama

This dapper calico named Tama had a very important role as the station master of an electric railway station in Japan. After eight years on the job, she was laid to rest in a beautiful ceremony which 3,000 co-workers, admirers and friends attended. 

As you can see, she took her job very seriously. The Kishi Railway Station where Tama worked was nearly shut down, leading to her adoptive owner, a local grocer, to be named station master in 2006 to cut costs. A year later Tama took over the role.

(via Super Station Master Tama Facebook)

Her popularity as station master is credited for saving the station. She even has her own merchandise. 

(via Super Station Master Tama Facebook)

Fortunately a new station master has been named. Tama had an apprentice who is ready to take over the job. She is also a calico cat, her name is Nitama and by the way she's wearing that station master hat it looks like she's up for the challenge. 

(via Super Station Master Tama Facebook)

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Catching Up On Important Documents


LoL by: whoisutility

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This Raccoon Mom is Determined to Teach Her Baby How to Climb


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Wait For It....

Who, Me? Nah, I Bet You Say That to All the Walruses You Meet


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Talented Anchor Inuyama Shibao Has Some Important Breaking News to Announce


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Either Clean Your Plate or Get Really Good at Hiding


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Onward Robot Steed!


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He Didn't See Me!?

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How About Toilet Paper? Important Papers Are Good Too.


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How to Be Fancy AND Stay Cool


Kiddie pools will not do, this dog is all class. 

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It's the Special Ingredient


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