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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Watch This Puppy Perk Up When He is Surprised With a Birthday Ball Pit! and more...

Watch This Puppy Perk Up When He is Surprised With a Birthday Ball Pit!


Submitted by: (via Maymo)

Tagged: dogs , funny , Video

Your Heart Will Soar When You Watch This Hummingbird Recover From Being Trapped and Scared


Submitted by: (via Soundrone)

Tagged: cute , hummingbird , Video

Quasi Modo Snags First Place in the Competition of the Year as World's Ugliest Dog!


This year a pup that bears a striking resemblance to his namesake, Quasi Modo, was crowned the world's ugliest dog! Thankfully he's in good company and has a loving home so he won't need Esmerelda to save him from a tomato throwing public. 

Submitted by: (via ABC News)

Tagged: dogs , funny , Video

Baby Cow Makes a Break for It!


Submitted by: (via MechaStewart)

Tagged: funny , Video , cows

Maybe If I Stay Still It'll Go Away... Nope, Better Take Action


Submitted by: (via かご猫 Blog)

Tagged: cute , Cats , funny , Video

It's Playtime for This Baby Fennec Fox

Submitted by: (via SAFE4WORKS)

Tagged: gifs , fox , cute , funny

I Guess I'll Sleep on the Floor Then...

funny cats dogs I Guess I'll Sleep on the Floor Then...

Submitted by: (via Raisikricka)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Cats , funny , image

A Day in the Life of Brave Ski Patrol Dogs

These avalanche rescue dogs of Snowmass Ski Patrol train year round so that they're always ready to go on a search and rescue when their help is needed.

Submitted by: (via Vital Films)

Tagged: dogs , cute , Video

He Said, Tipping His Invisible Hat


LoL by: BOZMAN54

Tagged: captions , owls , funny

Japanese Women are Flocking to See This "Handsome" Gorilla at the Zoo


Visitors at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens are posting pictures online of this popular gorilla calling him "ikemen" which means a "good-looking guy". He is known for his striking eye-contact and model like poses for the camera.

Submitted by: (via 西村正行)

Tagged: Japan , funny , Video , gorilla

You Expect Me to Ride the Bass?


LoL by: violetD

Tagged: captions , crab , Cats , funny

Will This Crow Defeat the Pizza Box to Win the Contents Inside? Only Time Will Tell


Submitted by: (via Alex Heschuk)

Tagged: funny , Video , crow

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