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Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Fact: Cats Are the Biggest Jerks and more...

Fact: Cats Are the Biggest Jerks


Submitted by: (via FailArmy)

Tagged: jerk , compilation , Cats , Video

Hurry Up Friday!


LoL by: Unknown

Tagged: FRIDAY , cute , monkey

This Cat Has Decided: You Will Not Be Working From Home Today


Just go into the office and give me back my 8-hours of alone time!

Submitted by: (via bloop123)

Tagged: technology , computer , laptop , Cats , Video

This Is Easily The Best Feature on Any Coldplay Song Ever


Go ahead and watch it a dozen more times, we already have.

Submitted by: (via liampennock111)

Tagged: Music , coldplay , turtle , Video , animals


best of the week,bunny suit,cinema,costume,dogs,french,Hall of Fame,pug

FRENCH CINEMA: It's... complicated

i lub fansee cinema mobiez!

LoL by: DJAussie


This Adorable Kitten Is Really Testing That French Bulldog's Patience


Submitted by: (via mbeslic)


We Must Prove Your Patent on the "Quack and Sell" Process


LoL by: momofzoo

Tagged: Aflac , lawyer , suing , ducks , patent , Cats

Basement Cat Works in Mysterious Ways

black cat blends in funny cat pictures

Submitted by: (via makemelaughblog)


Sounds About Right

Udderly Amazing

cow,dudley,first look,moo,moving,ocean,profoundly,puns,Staring,water

Dudley found his first look at the ocean a profoundly mooving experience.

LoL by: Razuli


Catdalf vs. Balgog

You Lucky Dog, You!

animals,dogs,i has a hotdog,luck,lucky,pennies,puppies


LoL by: derpyapplejack


Don't You Want Me to Be Comfy?

almost,limit,more,one,Pillow,quota,set,so close

LoL by: Greybeard55

Tagged: almost , limit , more , one , Pillow , quota , set , so close

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